Venus Selenite

Thank you for your interest in submitting work to Venus Selenite. We look forward to the opportunity to engage carefully with your work. Due to the number of submissions we receive each year, we will likely get back to you within eight months. We appreciate your patience.

Please visit our Submittable page for our full submission guidelines and open calls for work.


  • Please send only one submission at a time per category, and wait until you hear back from us before uploading a new submission. We are eager to provide ample time and space for everyone’s voices to be considered, so if you do send multiple submissions, they will be archived unread and will receive no response.
  • Our response time can be up to 8 months. We appreciate your patience—we have a small staff who reads over 150,000 poems per year.
  • To make sure you receive our response, set your spam filter to allow emails from [email protected]
  • We consider only previously unpublished work. Work that has appeared online for any reason, including social media posts, is considered to have been previously published and should not be submitted.
  • Venus Selenite is open to simultaneous submissions, but let us know immediately if work is accepted elsewhere by adding a note to your submission specifying the work that is no longer available.
  • All poets will be compensated for published poems. For text poems, we pay $10/line with a minimum honorarium of $300 per poem. For visual poems, audio poems, and video poems, we pay $300 per poem. If a piece is published in multiple formats, such as print and video, we pay for each format. For prose, we pay $150 per published page.
  • If you are unable to use Submittable for any reason, you may email your submission to [email protected] Please include your name, contact information, and cover letter in the body of an email. Please make the subject line of the email “SUBMISSION, [your last name], [submission category].” Please note that we are not currently working in the office due to COVID-19 precautions, so responses to mailed submissions are delayed.


What rights does Venus Selenite acquire for published work?

Venus Selenite acquires first serial rights and non-exclusive reprint rights, meaning that all authors can reprint their work as they’d like after it’s appeared in the magazine.

How does Venus Selenite pay its contributors?

We pay via ACH, wire transfer, check, or JPay.

Where can I read a back issue of Venus Selenite?

You can read issues of Venus Selenite for free or order an individual back issue from our archive. Print and digital subscriptions are also available.

Where can I submit my work to Venus Selenite?

We use Submittable to receive content for Venus Selenite. Please visit our Submittable page for our full submission guidelines and open calls for work.

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