Venus Selenite Announces 3rd (and Final) Leg of the 2016-17 trigger Tour


Dear Family,

I have enjoyed the last seven months performing, reading, and traveling from my debut poetry collection, trigger. I’m greatly appreciative for your reception of this book and the opportunities presented and rewarded to me. trigger, since it’s publication in May 2016, has sold 188 copies and exists on bookshelves, tables, and sometimes backpacks in the United States, Canada, Australia, Honduras, and Europe. This important work has brought me to tour places such as the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, the Kennedy Center, the Baltimore Theater Project, and Princeton University. Immediately after its release, trigger is a part of the holy canon of literature by trans women of color, which includes very few poetry collections. I’m very happy to be at the forefront of my craft and field. It’s been a revolutionary delight in witnessing the curation and nuances of often erased experiences that breathe eternal life in their insertion into multiple literary mediums.

Next year, I will be publishing my first novella, Istrouma, an anthology of fiction by trans women of color I’m co-editing with Jamie Berrout and Ellyn Peña titled Nameless Woman, and my second poetry collection. I’m also looking forward to the third leg of my trigger Tour – also the final leg – which will begin in January and finally close in June. That being said, I’m hoping, speaking existence, and manifesting a fully booked leg. It’s time to embark on the creation of new work. After June, my wish is to be back in relationships with my notebook, my Mac, with discovery, and the documentation of endless truth.

To bring my work to your venue, please communicate through the information stated on the flyer. I’m excited to share what’s next.

Love, Venus


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