News and Upcoming Projects – August 10, 2016


13941029_10153826741658225_1023931767_nI will be speaking at Trans*H4CK’s #iBuild4 Conference as their Media M4ker Spotlight on August 28. In my virtual talk, I will discuss my use of technology and the Internet to publish trigger, my justified retaliation from the mainstream publishing industry, experiences of economic violence, and will share excerpts from the book. Trans*H4CK was founded in 2013 by Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler. It’s mission is to shift the ways trans, gender non-conforming, agender and non binary people live by creating technology that economically empowers, improves access to social services, promotes gender safety and community sustainability, while bringing visibility to trans* tech innovators and entrepreneurs.


I have accepted a staff position as an editor with the Trans Women Writer’s Collective. TWWC, co-founded by Ellyn Peña and Jamie Berrout, is an organization founded by trans women to support trans women and amab nonbinary writers by publishing them,  paying them for their writing, providing help with their individual fundraising efforts, and securing for them other opportunities and forms of material support. The Trans Women Writer’s Collective exists, above all, to improve conditions for the most marginalized writers in it’s community: black trans women, Indigenous trans women, disabled trans women, incarcerated and detained and undocumented trans women. My first project with my fellow editors, and designer Celeste, will be an expanded print edition of An Anthology of Fiction by Trans Women of Color, initially published this year as an e-book by Peña and Berrout. Submission period will be announced soon.

Starting this Sunday, I will be back on the trigger Tour, back in Brooklyn, New York for Topside Press’ Summer Trans Women Writers Workshop at Brooklyn College. During this week, work will recommence on my novella, Istrouma, which has been in creation since last November and I will be participating two readings.

I’ll be performing in Baltimore, MD for a 2-night engagement at the Charm City Kitty Club at the Baltimore Theater Project on October 21-22.

After a near 5-month absence, I’m returning to my post as a Culture Writer for The Tempest. Please be on the lookout for new work coming live.


I’m open for bookings for the upcoming Fall and Spring semesters. To book me, please send inquiries for services and rates to venusselenite at stilettos is available for purchase in the CreateSpace store for $10.99 and for a limited time. It will be placed back into the vault on September 1, 2016.


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